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Food specialists

More than a holding company

Zilverwerf is a family business in the food sector. They are all niche companies with unique products and unique identities. However, Zilverwerf is more than an overall holding company. The organisation provides food companies with critical support in different areas such as strategy, management and financial management. Above all, we are a pleasant, solid partner that makes an important contribution to the continuity of unique players in the food industry.

Our companies

We are selective. Zilverwerf only feels attracted to companies that operate in a niche market. Specialism: that is the key. We consciously select food companies with a distinctive character and focus on quality. And that is not all. The human element plays an important role too. Each of Zilverwerf's businesses is characterised by commitment, a pleasant working atmosphere, enthusiasm and a high degree of responsibility among management and staff.
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The role of Zilverwerf

Zilverwerf is the owner of specialist food companies. But that is not all. Within our organisation we pay a lot of attention to strategy formulation. We believe it is important for each of our individual companies to follow a unique, thoughtful course. We also support financial management, we offer targeted support to staff, give thought to product and market developments and we think along with the key accounts of the various companies. Obviously we use existing synergies.

Room for entrepreneurship

Companies that are taken over by Zilverwerf, are not merged into a big, impersonal holding. On the contrary. The companies will retain their identities and are managed in away they will recognise. Every company has its own management, following its own unique course. This approach typifies Zilverwerf. We encourage entrepreneurship, attach great importance to a distinctive strategy and thinking proactively on all fronts. Being part of Zilverwerf is synonymous with security, efficiency and ownership.

Companies: the common target in management

The companies that form part of Zilverwerf only manufacture complex products, frozen or fresh. Organisations that operate in a niche market and focus on high quality. Business operations also comply with specific characteristics. Zilverwerf companies have an informal character, work cost-effectively and attach great importance to order and cleanliness. Members of staff are given maximum responsibility and management is frequently present in the workplace. Our companies stand out for their pleasant working atmosphere, dedicated employees, maximum commitment and the no-nonsense mentality.

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Zilverwerf bv
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