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JVB Meat Insiders

JVB Meat Insiders supplies ingredients for the production of, for example, snacks, soups, sauces, ragouts, meals, pizzas, sandwiches, bake-off rolls and croissants. Plus end products like grilled bacon and kebab are literally shipped throughout the whole of Europe.

JVB Meat Insiders JVB Meat Insiders JVB Meat Insiders

All our products are developed completely in line with our customer’s requirements. Our products are available in various different forms: cubes, strips, fried, boiled, individually quick frozen, gas and vacuum packed, etc. The possibilities are virtually endless, you could even supply your own ingredients for processing, optimising or packaging, if so required or preferred. That is how we provide you with an important contribution towards your turnover growth and are therefore the perfect ingredient for success!

JVB Meat Insiders

For more information visit our website www.meatinsiders.com

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