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Heldens Tartaar & Filets

Heldens Food has been around for more than 30 years and is widely appreciated for the unique and delicious marinated minced steak and so-called “filet Americain” (raw prepared minced beef). No other company has managed to make such fabulous fresh meat products with the famous bite and flavour. The products have been produced according to the same method for over 20 year now. We were recently tested by a test panel of Chef’s Magazine and were qualified as very good.

The good news is that Heldens introduced a chilled “filet Americain" in 2012. The techniques have been updated to the extent that “filet Americain” stays fresh in the refrigerator for fourteen days from the day of production. The taste is slightly sweet. The company has tried to improve the quality of the well-known frozen “filet Americain”. This has certainly been successful, as the jury of the aforementioned magazine found the chilled “filet Americain” of Heldens to be even better than the frozen original. We also have an organic alternative to the chilled “filet Americain”.

Since the flavour of all products from Heldens is so mild, a chef can put his own signature on the product. A kitchen can set itself apart by our neutral minced steak or “filet American” and use other ingredients and a touch of creativity to make a private label product. Therefore every chef can create his own specialty with our products as a basis.

Heldens Heldens Heldens

For example, add bacon, pine nuts, grated cheese and pesto dressing and you get a beautiful ‘fillet carpaccio’. Or what about the combination of truffle mayonnaise, egg and minced steak?

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